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DECEMBER 5, 2021 4:30PM

Mile High Metro District

    Mountain Sky Conference

2021 Charge/Church Conference Agenda

“Better Together”
A threefold cord is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Church annual meetings are important in the life of the church. Paragraph 247.3 in the Book of Disciplines requires each church to hold a conference annually, to review and evaluate the ministry of the church, receive reports, and adopt goals recommended by the church council for next year. Working with the DS, the church can call a church or charge conference for this work. A charge conference is the basic governing body of the local church and is compromised of the church council (administrative board or leadership team) and all retired clergy within the local church; a church conference invites broader participation where all members have the right to attend and vote. Pastors are invited to consult with their DS to determine the appropriate conference setting for your context (charge or church conference, multiple point charges in one-unified or multiple meetings, in-person or zoom, etc.).

WELCOME AND GREETING                                                                               Rev. Jessica Rooks
Mile High Metro District Superintendent

OPENING PRAYER TIME                                                                           Clergy and/or Lay Leader  
Clergy and/or Lay Leader offers prayers for the congregation and those gathered.

VIDEO DEVOTION                                                                                            Bishop Karen Oliveto    
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:12
Theme: “Better Together”

SACRED BUSINESS                                                                                            Rev. Jessica Rooks    
(All documents are public and should be available for review by congregation members)
•    Report of the Pastor (Elders and Local Pastors)    
•    Leadership Report (Nominations) for 2022
•    Approval of 2022 Clergy Compensation 
•    2022 Budget (if applicable) 
•    Approval of Candidates for Ministry (work with DS to determine voting process) 
•    Membership and Worship Attendance Report
•    Commitment to Connectional Giving
•    Other business as needed

•    What celebrations do you have from the previous year? What did you do well? Where did the congregation experience new life?
•    What losses did you experience? 
•    What are your goals for 2022? 
o    What new ministry, program or event is planned?
o    What ministry, program or tradition will you let go? 
o    How will you connect with your community in 2022?

CLOSING PRAYER                                                                                              Rev. Jessica Rooks

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