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Good Shepherd Adult Lenten Study

10 Week course starting February 17th 2021 6:30 PM (virtual)

Adam Hamilton’s “Words of Life”


Topic - Adam Hamilton “Words of Life”

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This will be a Lenten Study exploring the relevance of the 10 Commandments then and now.  It explores how Jesus looked to the historical context and how Jesus reinterpreted them as well as how every Thou-Shalt Not was intended to point to a life giving “Thou Shalt” message.

This will be a 10-week class with studies and video sessions and will be held online.

The books can be ordered through several suppliers like Cokesbury, Amazon and a few others and are offered on hardcover, paperback and Kindle.  Kindle is the most cost effective. Please purchase your desired copy type.  This will again be accompanied by a video series during the sessions.

Please join us as we explore the historical context of the Commandments and how Jesus saw them and how we understand and apply them and understand them today.

Please dop a note to Pete Finnie at if you plan to attend.


Pete Finnie

Good Shepherd U.M.C.

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