Children's Message

Sunday School Lesson

Natalie Higgins
Children's Education Director
PDO Director

Welcome! Today is the second week of Advent. We light the candle of LOVE. Advent is the time we prepare for Jesus’ birth. December is the last month of a calendar year, but in the Church, Advent is the beginning of the church year.


Last week, we learned that Angel Gabriel visited Zechariah and told him that his wife, Elizabeth was to have a baby. Today, Angel Gabriel visits Mary, cousin of Elizabeth, to say she will have God’s son. Zechariah needed proof of this miracle. He had doubted God. Mary, was surprised, and most likely scared, but she had full trust in God, and said she is a servant of the Lord. Watch the story of Mary. (Luke 1:26-38)



This week, as you light the Advent candle of LOVE, say this prayer…

Lord, You take care of your people. You comforted Mary when she was afraid. You sent Jesus as a baby so we can know how much You love us. You give us what we need for each day. Help us to reach out and show love to the world because nothing is impossible for you, God!