Children's Message

Sunday School Lesson

Children's Sunday School is now meeting in Person

Natalie Higgins
Children's Education Director
PDO Director
May 16, 2021

Welcome! Have you ever had someone act mean to you, then later was  very nice? Sometimes it is hard to trust people like that. In today’s story, a man named Saul was very mean to anyone who believed in God. He would have them arrested or beaten up. Then Saul had an encounter with Jesus that changed him forever! Saul’s name was changed to Paul, but not everyone believed he had changed. Lucky for Paul, he had a friend named Barnabas that told everyone that Paul was a good man who believed in God! It is important for us to trust in Jesus and learn to trust others. May 15 is International Family Day. Having  strong family support helps us grow in our faith and hearts! Happy International Family Day!