Children's Message

Sunday School Lesson

Natalie Higgins
Children's Education Director
PDO Director

Welcome! We are continuing with Paul’s journey of teaching others about Jesus. Last week we learned of Paul and Timothy. Today we are going to learn about Paul and Silas. Silas was a leader in the church. As Paul and Silas were going to pray. There was a slave girl who could predict the future because of a demon inside her. The owners of this young woman were making money off of her predictions. When she saw Paul, she kept yelling “These men serve God, and will tell you the way to be saved.” She would repeat this several times. Finally Paul had had enough and ordered the demon to leave her body, and it did. The owners of this young woman were angry and put Paul and Silas in jail. Have you heard the phrase “power in prayer” During the night, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns. Can you guess what happened next? Would you believe an earthquake happened? Let’s learn more.