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It has been an unusual year for our community so your love and generosity is needed even more to give a local child a special Christmas.

     This is Good Shepherd’s 18th year of donating gifts through the Thornton Police Department for children from newborn to 16 years old. Because of the uncertainty COVID-19 this year the Stocking Tree program will be handled as we did last year.

There will be no tree with stockings and stars on it.  We will not be able to store the gifts in the sanctuary as we have done in the past, so we are asking that gifts be brought to the church December 12th and a collection will take place before and after 1st and 2nd service. The Methodist Men’s Group will collect the gifts for delivery that day.

     Each of you may choose the age and gifts that are appropriate as you have always done. (Some suggestions below).  To help the distribution process, please put a note on the bag showing age/boy or girl/or if you concentrated on one specific toy or clothing item.  Suggestions from the Police Department this year included warm clothing/Legos/pajamas/gloves/etc. that could be included with a toy if possible. Also, most often overlooked are the older teens.

     Do not wrap gifts. Smaller gifts are usually better as most children receive 2-5 gifts.  Mark bag with age/boy or girl information


Collection Day—Sunday, December 12th 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m... We are unable to store gifts in the sanctuary this year.

questions: Please call Linda Graham 303-920-7305 or

Marge Cederlund 1-224-305-3102

Infants/Toddlers/up to 4 years

Lap Blanket


Board Games

Books for age


Foam Blocks

Mega Blocks

Pretend play (dress-up costumes)

Finger paints

Coloring book/crayons

Multicultural dolls/baby dolls


Stuffed animals

Doodle mats

Flash cards

5-11 year olds

Art supplies

Board Games

Slime and Foam sets Playdoh, Coloring Books/ Colored Pencils/ Art Kits

Pencils & Markers

Science toys

Building toys

Legos, TRIO Character figures - superheroes, Disney, etc. NERF toys


Flash cards

Barbie Dolls

Multicultural dolls

Lap Blanket

12-16 Preteen and Teen

Alarm clock

Ear buds

  Pop Socks

Art supplies

Personal care items

Jeans (10, 12, 14)

Hoodies and Sweatshirts (no red or blue)

Mittens, hats, scarves, gloves

Costume jewelry

Books / Notebooks Backpacks

Footballs, Soccer ball, Basketball, Baseball mitt

Bat & Ball or any type of ball baseball/ football/


Fidget toys

Board games


Collection Day

Sunday, December 12th (9am-11:30am  AT Good Shepherd UMC)

  We are unable to store gifts in the sanctuary this year Questions: Please call

Linda Graham



Marge Cederlund


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