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Cultural Center Activities

Festival Face Painter


Ashley Stamps- Owner/Artist


I began dabbling in the world of face & body art since I was a child. I have always had an interest in the art of transformation. In 2013, I decided to share my hobby with my community and Altered Image was born and has been booming since. I only use quality face paint, henna, and other products, that are FDA approved and take pride in a clean, sanitary kit. I also try to be mindful about people with allergies and illness to keep my clients safe from exposure. To help with this I use brush bath. I am also insured!! 


I have not always been a face & body artist, I am the manger of the front desk at JCPenney Salon in Park Meadows, both careers  allow me to help make this world a more beautiful place! I  am also a certified early childhood education teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, specializing in developmental and social psychological research, along with a minor in art emphasizing in ceramics. 


Among all of this, family is everything to me. I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls and everything that I dabble in, my girls are right by my side. I have many other interests like henna, crocheting, sewing, costume making, sculpting, wheel throwing, research, technology, and painting just about everything. I love creating art out of a multitude of mediums, many works that I've created involve something from our natural world, with butterflies, flowers, and trees. I love to utilizes the resources that are in front of me or that can be found in my own back yard.


I love to learn and share knowledge to any and every one that would  listen, especially children. It is important to share the gift of knowledge to the next generations and to teach the benefits of having an open, creative mind.




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