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Festival Entertainers

Sister Nations Color Guard


Sister Nations Color Guard is a group of Native American women veterans representing various Tribal Nations brought together in friendship.  They present the colors in Native regalia for community events and at powwows alongside other fellow color guards.  The group members are all friends who have been brought together through a combination of their Native heritage and military service.  Their name was inspired by the sisterhood they have developed through a shared sense of service, culture, support, friendship and respect for one another.  The wearing of regalia helps to keep them grounded in their traditional ways as they are called upon to perform color guard duties.  In Native tradition, women are the backbone that is entrusted to care for our people and support one another.  Today, Native women extend that role and join the military, serve their country and in time, come back to their people.  They recognize that the opportunity to come together as a color guard has truly been a blessing given to them that needs to be honored and shared with their people.  They render the colors and dance for their families, for their tribes, their Native community, for all veterans and all the people that have given them the strength and encouragement to keep doing what they are doing.  The members are humbled and beyond appreciative of the Native community who has taken them in and become an extended family.  The Sister Nations Color Guard give thanks for their family and friends and the amazing people who include them and allow them to participate in their events.  It offers encouragement and a level of appreciation that we will do our best to honor.  Thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your lives.

Sister Nations will be posting the colors and honoring all veterans, both Native and Non Natives at the Denver American Indian Festival Saturday, September 29th at  10:00 am and again Sunday, September 30th at 12:00 Noon.  They will also end each day of the festival by posting the colors at 6:00 pm.  This meaningful ceremony is very special and you may never see this group again.  We cannot begin to describe how beautiful they are…….and what they contribute to the festival.  Later in the day you will see them dancing and encouraging audience participation. 

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