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One Day


One Day

We will, one day, gather again,

smiling, hugging, sharing,

one no longer, 

restored as many, 

loving, caring.

We will, one day, be together again,

eagerly returning 

each from our own place,

brought, once more, by God 

to worship, sing and celebrate

hand in hand, face to face.

We will, one day, return to God's house, 

gathering to praise and rejoice,

giving unison thanks,

once many, again one voice.

Until that morning dawns,

we reach out to God,

and pray for the most vulnerable,

pray for the sick and dying,

pray for the hungry and homeless,

pray with sighing 

too deep for words,

pray we recognize hardship and need 

rife in the world,

pray we learn to see all people 

this way: as neighbors

and long for us all 

to gather together

one day.

                        By Rev. Lin Cheek  

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