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Our organization began 150 years ago, because the women of a church in Boston thought that the church was not doing mission work across the globe as fully as possible!


Our local unit of the United Methodist Women makes a pledge to the national United Methodist Women to join in the over $5,000,000 sent to our projects around the globe (yes, that is $5 million!)  Check this site if you are interested:


We also give donations to local agencies who are working for the needs of women, children and youth.

This year those agencies include the Food Bank of the Rockies, Growing Home, Jefferson County Domestic Violence Shelter, Kairos Prison Ministries, and Extended Hands of Hope.


If you wish to add to any of this mission work, please write a check to GSUMW (Good Shepherd United Methodist Women) and send it to our treasurer, Kathy Bollfrass,

The United Women in Faith meets the third Saturday of every month at noon. Please email Karen Bueno for more information


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