United Methodist Women

The UMW meets the thirds Saturday of the month to gather and learn. Each month includes a new activity or speaker. The UMW focuses on raising funds and awareness to alleviate human suffering all over the world and to advocate for justice and peace. Contact Karen Bueno at karenbueno@aol.com with questions.

The UNITED METHODIST WOMEN is an organization who for more than 150 years started schools, immigrant homes, programs for learning sewing and agriculture skills, clinics and hospitals, child care and feeding programs.  We collect funds for a total program of mission and advocacy in the United States and around the world.  Since our beginnings, we have insisted that we raise our own funds, organize ourselves, select our own leaders, direct our own activities and what projects we will support.

We distribute funds through grants to programs that serve women, children, and youth.  Our current initiatives are these four:

  • Economic Inequality, where we push for legislation of a living wage for all.

  • Criminalization of communities of color and mass incarceration, to decrease school arrests and redesign school policies to protect, rather than criminalize, children.

  • Climate Justice, where we work toward reduction of carbon emissions, including urging corporations to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Maternal and child health, to decrease maternal mortality rates which have increased in the United States.  Around the globe we support programs of comprehensive reproductive health care and education.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN is an awesome, faithful community of thousands of members.  We need to be open to new ideas, new challenges, and change.  We give our talents and our time, our efforts, and our mutuality.

At Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Thornton our local group meets on the third Saturday from 10 am until noon.  The Ruth Circle meets for Bible study on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 pm until 3:00, currently online.  Our circle that works with Elms Haven Nursing Home will resume those meetings as the pandemic ends.

We have not had Saturday meetings since the pandemic “Stay and Home” order, but we will have an online meeting on August 15 from 10 am until noon.  Please join our group!  Watch for the link to that meeting in the eblast.

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