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Good Shepherd UMC welcomes you to our website and greets you in the name of Christ!


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is a vibrant, active, caring family of faith, focused on meaningful worship, nurturing youth, community outreach, and building relationships with all people. We warmly welcome everyone into our community of faith because we believe in the love of God and Christ's commission to love our neighbors.


All are welcome whatever your age, gender, race, marital status, sexual orientation, address, physical ability, native land or language, economic reality or job status. 


We hope you come worship with us some Sunday morning or join with us in one of the many ministry opportunities found on this website. Thank you for your interest in Good Shepherd and may God bless your days.

Food for Your Soul




Welcome to Good Shepherd UMC!

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Since volunteering physically is still limited we have elected to help the community by a virtual food drive to help our neighbors and those in need.

$0.96 of each dollar that is donated goes to direct food support so the impact directly to the community is tremendous.

We have joined forces with Food Bank of the Rockies to help bring food and support to those in our own local community. We can all be engaged and support those around us while still staying safe while the nation works on getting the pandemic under control.  Please donate today to assist those neighbors around us.  This program will run through the end of the year so please consider a weekly or monthly contribution.

Together we can all make a difference and see the direct result to those around us


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Food for Hope Impact Story regarding the Northglenn HS Food Bank:


One family we've regularly supported over the past year is a mom who has 2 students at Northglenn HS and also two younger children at Middle and Elementary Schools locally. She is currently facing her 2nd battle in <2 years with late-stage cancer. While struggling with her health, she was also going through a separation with her husband - making her a single parent of 4. For obvious reasons, her family struggled with food insecurity. When we became aware of her situation, we invited her to come into the Food for Hope "Outpost" Room to shop for groceries. She stood in the middle of the outpost and cried. With everything that she had to worry about, gratefully food was not one of them.