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 Community Garden

Good Shepherd UMC partners with City of Thornton to provide flourishing Community Garden




In cooperation with the City of Thornton, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church provided the land located behind the church for the placement of numerous garden plots in 2009.

The congregants of Good Shepherd began the community
garden by building the plots as you see located to the right. From there, the garden began to grow. Individuals tend to and water their own gardens. Water is generously provided by the City of Thornton. Excess vegetables grown in the garden areas are then donated to the local food banks so people may enjoy fresh vegetables in their diets.


Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and to the City of Thornton for providing our much needed water!



Community Garden Contact Information

Please contact the church office at

The Garden Grows during the Summer 2015

Mission Garden Planting


The Community Garden at Good Shepherd UMC is beginning its 12th year. We started out with 24 garden spaces and now have 54, 4’ x 8’ plots for families or individuals to use. 













A number of the garden spaces are designated as “Mission Gardens” to provide fresh vegetables to local food banks.  Approximately 2/3 of the spaces are used by members of the community who are not members of our church. 


The water for our gardeners use is generously provided free of charge by the City of Thornton and we are blessed to receive an annual grant from Keep Thornton Beautiful to help with maintenance costs.


This means we do not have to charge anything for the use of a garden space. Gardeners provide their own seeds and plants and bring with them any tools they need for gardening tasks.


Our gardeners also contribute some of their harvest to the food banks, and In 2017 we contributed over 1200 servings of garden fresh produce for those in need. Our garden is part of the Adams County Community Garden Co-op which, as a group, contributed 46,808 servings of vegetables in 2017.


Please contact the church office (303-457-9267) if you would like to have a garden plot for your use and/or would like to help with the Mission Gardens.



2,345 Servings of Fresh Vegetables

Our gardeners also contribute some of their harvest to the food bank.  Over 2,000 servings of garden fresh produce are donated annually.  

If interested in a garden plot please email   Email is the preferred method of communication.




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