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Worture Team

The Worture Team is a combination of the Worship Committee and the Nurture Committee.


The Worture team provides support to clergy and to prepare and implement special services, such as Monthly Communion, Blue Christmas, Good Friday, Back-to-Blessings, World Communion Sunday, Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas Eve.


The Worture team changes the altar periments, the cross drape, the wall banners and flower arrangements according to the liturgical calendar and seasons.


The Worture Team’s outreach projects include:

* Sending Goody boxes to college students from our congregation.

* Creating special occasion give-away bags for the congregation to share with their families, friends and community members.

* *Special occasion bags include: Christmas; Easter; Mother’s Day; Father’s Day; Back-to-school Blessings; Thanksgiving Blessings.

* Prepare GSUMC Welcome Bags (newsletter, information about our missions, a sweet treat and a trinket from past give-always) and Little Visitor Bags (crayons, coloring book, Sunday School activity pages and a sweet treat). These bags are presented to visitors each service.


The Worture team would like to resume sending out Birthday cards to church members as funds allow. We would also like to arrange the New Member luncheons again in the future.

Ministry Leader(s): Karen Zulauf and Kathy Lamerand

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